Color Rush Ninja [iOS]

Color Rush Ninja is an Endless Runner featuring a little ninja traveling through a colourful world filled with strange blocky creatures.

Help Ninja and travel as far as possible to earn golden coins and beat worldwide highscores. In the beginning you two won’t get very far but by spending some hard earned coins on unique upgrades you’ll be able to travel further and further into this strange colourful world.

Every upgrade including tools , the Great Gap Glider™ or the Blistering Bo Shuriken™ will change the way you play the game bit by bit: buy the Super Stealth Sneakers™ and let Ninja perform double jumps, equip the Great Gap Glider™ and glide from monster back to monster back without touching the ground or throw Blistering Bo Shurikens™ to get rid of the Block Birds and earn some extra points and coins.