Trapped with a Shadow [HTML5]

Trapped with a Shadow is a puzzle game in the vein of Sokoban but instead of controlling the main character directly you control a little shadow mouse that needs to shoo an elefant through a set of puzzle rooms.

The game was created within a month for the Construct 3 Newgrounds Jam 2018 and won second place.

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Super Color Cannon [iOS, Android]

Become the world’s greatest color cannoneer in this fast paced, timing based non-stop action game!




● Easy to learn basics: tap on the left side of the screen to rotate your cannon, tap on the right side to shoot!
● Hard to master: successive hits on the combo line increase your multiplier and yield EXP!
● Collect 15 trophies to gain powerful upgrades for your cannon like a time slowing crystal or a defensive shield!
● Level up your cannon to add a bonus multiplier to your score and unlock new visual components!
● Compete on the Game Center leaderboards and unlock Game Center achievements!



Download Press Kit (Dropbox)

Rainbow Infinity [iOS, Android]

Bend your fingers and set your hands on fire with this unique piano-like game about spheres and spikes! Master your own eye-hand coordination while feeling like the unknown great-grandchild of Mach or Bozart (two incredibly renowned 18th century Rainbow Infinity virtuosi).

rainbowgifinity4        rainbowgifinity5        rainbowgifinity3



● Skill based and sweat inducing gameplay! Rainbow Infinity is incredibly easy to understand but so much harder to master
● Unlockable modes! Each mode holds a new challenge and features its own driving soundtrack
● 18 collectable trophies! You’ll need insanely fast fingers to earn all of them
● Universal App! Play Rainbow Infinity on your smartphone or tablet




Color Rush Ninja [iOS]

Color Rush Ninja is an Endless Runner featuring a little ninja traveling through a colourful world filled with strange blocky creatures.

Help Ninja and travel as far as possible to earn golden coins and beat worldwide highscores. In the beginning you two won’t get very far but by spending some hard earned coins on unique upgrades you’ll be able to travel further and further into this strange colourful world.

Every upgrade including tools , the Great Gap Glider™ or the Blistering Bo Shuriken™ will change the way you play the game bit by bit: buy the Super Stealth Sneakers™ and let Ninja perform double jumps, equip the Great Gap Glider™ and glide from monster back to monster back without touching the ground or throw Blistering Bo Shurikens™ to get rid of the Block Birds and earn some extra points and coins.